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Nancy Prescott (Stamford, CT)

This place was wonderful! The house is gorgeous and the furnishings are beautiful. Tracy the host could not possibly have been more friendly or accommodating if she tried. My room was more than I asked for and the bed was so comfortable! Great pancake breakfast ! Don’t know if I will be in the area ever again, but I would absolutely stay here if so. I have already lrecommended it to friends and family. Nice little town too. Well priced and an excellent value. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your review. It warms my heart when I can make people happy. I hope you can come visit again and thank you so much for the recommendations too!

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Carrie (Lexington, SC)

My husband and I just wanted a little romantic weekend. We stayed here the 17th-18th. We had a fantastic time. It’s and amazing bed and breakfast. The owners of the house were also wonderful. The breakfast we really enjoyed. The prices were fantastic also. Why stay in a hotel when you could stay here for the same price? Loved the decor and the chandelier in the dining room was amazing. My husband and I are hoping to be able to stay here for our anniversary in June. If we could rate more than 5 stars we would.

I am so very happy you enjoyed your stay here with us! Breakfast conversation is one of my favorite aspects of sharing my home with guests. You and Hubby were so nice and I hope you all come back to visit again!

Antwort Eigentümer (23.10.2020 17:39:45)

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Shannon and Scott Armstrong (Nashville, NC)

Beautiful historic home. Everything, from the accommodations to the fresh breakfast both mornings, was wonderful. The owners are lovely hosts, even with pandemic guidlines in place. 5 stars and will definitely stay again.

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Janice (Leesburg VA)
Great random find!!

I needed a place to stay on my drive from Florida to Virginia and literally used Google to find what town was in the middle of my journey and landed on Sumter. I never heard of it, but this is the middle of COVID so I'm all for small town and accommodation over big city. I booked the Moroccan room add it was the only one available and was happy to read they offer a gluten free breakfast option as i have Celiac. Arrived with no issue and parked out back where the owner's husband saw me pull up and came out to say hi, offer any hep needed, and bring me up to my room. Bonus points in my book for his Star Trek apron and Star Wars shirt. He was super nice and easy to talk to. Great welcome tour of the house and my room. The room was all I expected and looked great. My one concern was it didn't have shades, only gauzy curtains, but I was tired and planned to go to bed early and get up early so I wasn't too worried. He gave me a recommendation for a dinner restaurant and it was a quick walk downtown to a good meal. Came back and sat downstairs and read for a bit. I saw Tracey and were got to chatting and she let me meet their three dogs (who stay back in the private area) . She too was very nice. I slept well and had a nice shower when I woke. I was pleased to see my request for socially distanced seating wad met and I had a vey nice table and chair set up in a corner where I could still be a part of the conversation, but keep my distance. Breakfast was not the gourmet style some places pride themselves on, but the food was plentiful, filling, and satisfying (bacon, eggs, corn muffin, fruit, grits, water, coffee, and juice). Tracey wore a mask at all times and told me she sanitized her hands often during meal prep and delivery. After everyone was served, she came and sat with us all and it felt like a new/ old friend joining in. When I expressed interest in visiting a local site, she said it wasn't open, but then took out her phone and tried to call the site manager to see if they could open up just for me. The other person didn't answer their phone, but I loved that Tracey had that connection and made the effort. I also learned a lot about the town and all it has available. Definitely a great place to stay, especially in this crazy COVID world. I plan on using it from now on when I drive home from Florida as it was not only a logical and practical stopping point, but also a very fun one.

I loved having you stay with us and hope you will come back an visit soon. We were in the process of getting custom shades for the Moroccan room when Covid hit. That is now put out for about a year. I don't always sit with guests during breakfast but really enjoy it when I can. Hearing the laughter in my home is such a blessing. I can't wait for your next visit! Safe Travels.

Antwort Eigentümer (06.07.2020 18:26:00)

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Terrolyn Kissai (Sumter, SC)

From the moment that Tracey and Tommy opened the door, they made me feel right at home. It was like stepping into another place and time, so beautifully decorated and palatial. 1912 Bed and Breakfast is absolutely fantastic! From the most comfortable night's sleep to the down home Southern breakfast. Not only am I from the South, this is my hometown. I have lived on the other side of the world and while it was beautiful, there is no place like home. It just doesn't get any better than this on earth.

Einzelner Reisender  |  Moroccan Room  |  Aufenthalt am 5/2020

Tara Rucker
Elegant, Unexpected, & Affordable

I'll start by saying I have so many praises to sing of this BnB. My S/O surprised me with reservations here for my birthday last week. I have always wanted to stay at a BnB, but professional or personal priorities always preempted actualizing that dream. I was taken from the moment we pulled into the property. The home itself has so much character & is very well maintained on the outside -- but the interior of the home left us awestruck. My affinity for all things Moroccan is long-standing -- so, you could have blown me over with a feather when we were shown to our room, which featured a Moroccan theme -- the S/O did good with this one! No stone is left unturned when it comes to decor. My S/O & I were lucky enough to be the first to check-in, so we were able to take a peek in all of the rooms. Each is tastefully and well appointed -- and exceptionally clean -- like Department of Health -- board certified clean :). I was in love with our accommodations. The BnB offers free Wi-Fi, TV with access to Netflix, Hulu, etc., but we came to decompress and celebrate in the absence of the daily grind, so we didn't use any of these amenities. Flashforward to the owners/hosts: Tracey & Tommy. We were initially greeted & checked-in by Tracey. She took care to explain the amenities, asked what our dietary constraints were, and she provided us with menus for local haunts that were still open for dine-in seating --just as the Corona crazy ensued. Because I am not from the mainland U.S. I was wholly unprepared for not being able to secure libations from a local grocer on Sunday! How ever was I going to indulge in a birthday sip? Never fear -- Tracey & Tommy to the rescue. You see, my S/O went downstairs to ask for one thing or another, when a friendly fellow patron & Tracey extended the offer to him for us to have a glass of wine. The S/O shared the invitation with me & we decided to go downstairs for a glass. At this juncture we met Tommy (who is the unassuming & very kind husband to Tracey), & the patron staying in one of the rooms next to us. The conversation was easy, lighthearted, intellectually stimulating, and welcome -- considering the madness brewing in the world. As my S/O & I drained our glass, we thanked Tracey profusely, explaining that we tried to make an alcohol purchase earlier in the day -- to no avail. I then revealed the brand & varietal of the wine I wanted & tried to unsuccessfully purchase. Tracey excused herself politely, came back with a bottle of said bottle of wine, & provided us a wine opener -- thus saving the proverbial birthday day! I recommend this place for many reasons -- the ambiance, the decor, the price point -- but above all, I would have to say the care the owners put into every detail has to be the most prominent factor for me & my S/O. I am absolutely certain that we will stay at this BnB again. I highly recommend that you do as well!

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Christine (Tampa)

I stayed here roughly a year ago. The proprietor was so gracious and even had chilled wine waiting on our arrival. If you love churches, this is a great town to visit. There is one on every street. There are cute pubs. They also served us a homemade breakfast the next morning. It was so nice. I am now talking about going back just to have this experience. I give it five stars.

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Mark Wheeler (Lakeland FL)
Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the wonderful experience. Enjoyed visiting with the other guests over breakfast and being treated like family. Third time at your establishment and plan on many more visits! Interesting historical town and your BnB is in a beautiful old home. Can't wait to try another of the beautiful rooms. The goodie table in the hall is a nice touch for those of us with a midnight taste for a snack. LOL I can't recommend this place more highly. I give it 7 stars out of 5.

Thank you Mark! You are the best ever! I love having you visit. Please look at the calendar for up coming festivals! We can have so much fun going! Safe Travels.

Antwort Eigentümer (30.12.2019 22:58:34)

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Joyce & Gene Mulligan (Inman, SC)
Beautiful with a wonderful home cooked breakfast AND homemade cookies!

Thank you to Tracy and Tommy, proprietors and gracious hosts! This is our first experience in a B&B and we will definitely be back. The accommodations are beautiful, comfortable, peaceful, relaxing and quiet. All the appeal of a turn of the century home with modern immensities. Heated bathroom floor AND towel bar! Beautifully remodeled and so pretty. We would HIGHLY recommend! Joyce & Gene Mulligan

Thank you so much for your awesome review. I loved having you hear. The best part of this B&B are great guests like you! I look forward to your next visit!

Antwort Eigentümer (30.12.2019 22:53:47)

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Katherine W.

Don and I enjoyed our 4 night stay. The room/bed was very comfortable, clean and well decorated. Tracey was very hospitable and friendly with a great sense of humor. Breakfast was good especially the cheesy grits and pouched eggs! We will most likely stay many more times! Thanks Tracey and Tommy! Happy New Years! Katherine and Don W

Thank you so much for staying with us! I loved our morning conversations so much! I can't wait until you next visit! Happiest New Year to you both!

Antwort Eigentümer (02.01.2021 15:25:17)

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